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Financial Aids

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These scholarships concernonly student currently enrolled at PKF Institute of Excellence and those who have been admited as freshmen at the end of the preparatory semester.
These scholarships do not cover the Preparatory Semester.
These scholarships do not cover the Senior year at Southern State Polytechnic State University ... 

The Scholarships of Academic Excellence

This scholarship is offered to students with outstanding academic performance.

The Compassionate Scholarships

This scholarship is a social grant to outstanding students from poor backgrounds and who cannot afford to pay the full cost of tuition. This socila grand therefore covers the full cost of tuition at PKFokam Institute of Excellence excluding tuition and living expenses in partner institutions (SPSU Geogia Group in USA and Henan University in CHINA) of PKFokam Institute of Excellence. However, PKFokam Institute of Excellence may, on a case by case basis, discuss with its corporate partners to offer student in this category, who have fulfilled all academics requirements for admission into of any its partners institutions, employments of one or two years to enable them raise funds to cover the costs pertaining to travelling and living expenses in a partner institution.

  • Undergraduates
  • Undergraduates